The Lakes

Blue skies encompass the top of the Golden Dome and Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The lakes sit in front of the Golden Dome and Basilica and purple, bloomed trees line the edge of the lake.

The same spring-fed lakes that captivated Father Edward Sorin in 1842 still gracefully buffer the northwest edge of the Notre Dame campus. St. Mary's Lake to the west and St. Joseph's Lake to the east serve as a park and nature preserve, but in the early days they provided food, ice, marl for brick and water for steam. Each lake has a picturesque walking/jogging trail around it and plays host to various student water activities including frigid mid-winter plunges for charity and the Fisher Regatta, an annual student boat race in which participants design and build their own (not especially seaworthy) vessels. 

Other features at the lakes include:

  • Our Lady of the Lake World Peace Plaza- a granite infinity fountain with a prayer for world peace inscribed in six different languages and a beautiful dock overlooking St. Mary's Lake.
  • St. Joseph Beach- Located to the east, the lake has a small beach and pier for swimming and a boating facility for student use. Currently closed for renovations.