Cedar Grove Cemetery

A cobblestone pathway leaded to All Souls Chapel. The chapel is a small A-frame building. Graves line the sides of the path.

True to his pioneering and visionary spirit, Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., established Cedar Grove Cemetery in 1843, a year after he founded the University of Notre Dame. At that time, Cedar Grove was on the far outskirts of campus and run by the same Holy Cross priests and brothers charged with keeping a fledgling university afloat. The Holy Cross brothers established a mortuary in these early years, ran operations from the basement level of what is now a women's residence hall, and used a horse-drawn hearse to transport coffins from Sacred Heart Church in the center of campus out to the cemetery. The mortuary operation, one of the first in the state of Indiana, was sold in 1911 to a local owner still in business today.

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